Past Present Happiness and Future

Hello brothers and sisters!

Starting soon, I’ll be posting a lot of great instructional content for practicing yoga postures, breathing techniques, and cleansing techniques…Before that however, I want to bring you to the present.

…right now?

Yes right now.

Are you breathing in?

Feel your whole body.

How does it feel breathing out?

Feel the energy moving.

What if you smiled? Smile, because you can feel good.


This is the moment in which everything exists, and is experienced. That means all your happiness is in this moment. Happiness arises when it feels like whatever you are experiencing is happening just right. While it might be possible to just feel like whatever is, is the perfect experience, you might also just be fooling yourself with thought beliefs. Even if you weren’t, well, it wouldn’t make much sense to have a body then would it! Happiness is felt passively while you observe, or actively while you engage in directing energy. You can only experience it presently, because, past and future only exist in our thoughts. This does not mean that past and future thinking lack value however. While they do take our energy away from this moment, we may realize great lessons from our past patterns, or understand how to direct our current of creative forces towards a future goal.

We were born to create. Having direction for your energy is similar to how asana prepares the body for easier contemplation and meditation. When you have a clearly defined goal there is an outlet for your creative force that brings a liveliness to this moment of creating. You feel excited to see the evolution of something that comes from yourself, and, it changes the world around you. One more aspect of self is in accord with dhamma, or universal law, and it becomes that much easier to see that happiness is in this moment, in the ever flowing symphony of life.


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