Crunching, Connecting Core Strength

When it comes to the matter of good physical health, the way we take care of the core of our body is key. Eating fresh foods that move fast through the digestive system is important for keeping energy consistent and the body clean. We can also utilize the musculoskeletal  system in a variety of ways to aid the digestive process and move energy to different places along the vessel of the torso.

Of course, strong core strength also serves how we apply strength with the limbs. It can also relate to confidence of character. Remember, it’s not all strength though! There is a great deal of intelligence in this region of the body. Be aware of it while you practice these exercises.  This will be the start of a series on making you feel connected and alive from the center first!

Let’s do some yoga inspired crunch work outs! These are photos from when I was the resident Yoga instructor at a detox retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Garudasana Crunch

This is the start position. Garudasana is a standing pose with the legs intertwined as shown. It’s ok if the foot will not hook around the lower leg. Bring your knees over your hips. With your hands behind your head and your elbows wide open lift your head and shoulders up. Just holding this position and breathing will be enough for some people. It’s ok if you shake, but not if you feel any sharp pains!

On an exhale, with control, slowly curl your hips up and bring your knee towards your nose or chin. Do your best to keep the head and shoulders up. It’s ok if they move a little bit.



Inhale and slowly extend your legs away bringing your feet to a hover just above the floor. Keep the head and shoulders up! Repeat 5-10 times and then relax, unwinding the legs, take a few breaths and do the other side. You can also experiment with the opposite direction for your crunch. Keep the hips rolled off the ground and fulcrum the upper torso up and down.


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  1. those moves remind me of Cerissa! Thanks, now im going to do some of them tomorrow 🙂

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