Learn AcroYoga at our first Workshop together!

Just like the practice of Yoga brought so much positive change into my life that I wanted to share it, the same has become true with AcroYoga. I was first introduced to AcroYoga by fellow American Richard Bainbridge. He came to Yoga Elements to teach a workshop in early 2010. He showed us some of the coolest things I had ever seen, things just like Yoga, that when practiced with a mindful attention can strengthen, stretch, relax, release, and make us smile from the inside.

The combination of yoga, acrobatics, and thai massage in this practice immediately appealed to me. It touches you on so many levels, especially in learning to work compassionately with others. After the workshop, I began watching videos on youtube and found someone I recognized as a student from Elements. Jib! I asked her about it and she asked if I would like to play sometime. Some of the things she did in the video were pretty extreme and I was a little nervous. Our first “date” I  dropped her, fairly hard, on her back. Amazingly, she smiled through it and continued to trust.

We’ve practiced a lot together since then, as you may see in some of my gallery photos. There have been more drops but nothing like that first one thankfully. As it turns out, Jib is an amazing yoga teacher and I’m honored and delighted to be able to tell you we have this workshop coming up January 22nd. We will teach the basics of how to practice. The class will be in Thai so Jib will do most of the talking (makes me wonder why my name is first on the poster). She’ll be translating most of what I have to say about basing, and I’ll be expanding my thai vocabulary so that I can offer more to the class enthusiasm. It’s going to be fun!

A link to the FB page with information in thai –Nicha Yoga Workshop AcroYoga with George & Jib

…and a link to an interview with Richard Bainbridge Richard Bainbridge AcroYogi


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