Meditating in the New Year at a Thai Temple

It’s good to start anything new with clarity. Last night I met Adrian and Shiang at Wat Yannawa, one of the many amazing examples of Thai temple architecture.

This is a view close to where I was sitting in the grass, doing some long forward folds to bide the time. As the new year came closer, throngs of people moved up the stairs towards the meeting halls for a led chanting meditation. By 11:00 Adrian and Shiang appeared. They were slightly bewildered as they had just gone to scope out the scene up those stairs. I went to check it out briefly for myself. Upon reaching the first landing, a wave of hot, humid air radiated me. Both upper floors were overflowing with people seated on the floor, hands in wai, chanting with the monks, some on their gadgets. I came back and we talked for another moment or so until Shiang spontaneously decided it was time and adopted Lotus pose. Adrian and I followed suit and we were a circle of focus.

I moved through many thoughts and energies while sitting there, considering my intention for this next journey around the sun. Ideas about future goals, lifestyle pursuits, relationships, and career ambitions rifled through my mind.

Feeling the time draw ever nearer, I needed to clear away the clutter and come to something simpler; giving. There are many avenues and chances to give. Sometimes giving is respecting someones wishes and giving them space. Sometimes it is being there for them when they need a compassionate friend. Sometimes it is coming from one’s own hardwork so that you may provide for others. I thought about all the people most dear to me and how I could best serve them. I thought about this world’s people, and extended my intention broader.  I began to add a visual element by imagining my intention as a pure energy, moving from my heart, through the hearts of Adrian and Shiang, and then circling back to me. After a few rounds it could extend farther. It spread like an electrical current through the mass of conductive participants, which had now sprawled out across the temple grounds. In the last few seconds of 2010 I gathered this metaphorical energy, multiplied by those around me, into a pure ball of light in the midst of our circle. Hearing the first fireworks launched, I sent it skywards declaring my intention to all beings.

We opened our eyes and cheered the New Year. Adrian said “I love the contrast. Inner-work and glitter.”



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2 responses to “Meditating in the New Year at a Thai Temple

  1. I’ve been following your blog since you started. You have made amazing progress. This site is an inspiration for all pursuing a long transition versus the big chop.

    – Rob

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