Sivananda & Vinyasa Yoga Workshop at Bangkok Yoga

Sunday, the 23rd of January, I’ll be conducting a special in-depth class on the practice of Vinyasa at Bangkok Yoga. Vinyasa is practicing Asana that connect in a flowing movement with each breath. We see this type of practice most commonly in the Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar. The class will start with refining the sun salutation practice, using proper breathing technique, alignment, drishtis and bandhas to develop greater internal awareness and purification . From there, we will apply these principles to more advanced movements and also discover the internal vinyasa of energy, or prana, that moves through the body during static postures.  Then we’ll play with a few rhythmic games to have some fun!

My class starts in the afternoon, around 1PM, but call the studio if you’re interested in attending as the time seems unset and you may need to reserve a space. If you’re keen on learning about Sivananda Yoga check out the morning workshop as well! Kru Nuu is quite a famous teacher in Thailand and I’ll be attending to satisfy my curiousity! Here is my translation of the description in Thai for her workshop.

“Practice techniques that create good shape for the body by the correct postures (Asana).  Breathing and relaxing in line with the Sivananda style.”

…a link to the FB page for this workshop


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