Teaching Advice

Today, a close friend of mine, whom just recently became a yoga teacher, asked me for some advice about teaching.

I thought of how much Yoga teacher trainings can differ. Most present the same core material, but the methods you’ll learn to present it will be as unique as the person you learned from. Presenting a healthy Asana practice is just the tip of the iceberg!

What really makes a yoga class come to life for me is feeling that the teacher embodies the lesson itself.  Here is my short advice to my friend.

“always feel what you are teaching
put that before all else
be congruent with what you want your students to experience
and you’ll channel it into the room
continue learning techniques but when you are teaching just let it be natural, effortless, get out of the way of what you have to offer”

I’ll make an addition here as this friend got cut from the internet and this was the last thing said.

“Be in tune with what your students are feeling. Observe them carefully from the beginning. Don’t expect them to feel the way you do right away. There is a valuable technique from NLP called pace, pace, lead.”
“You can feel your breath, as you sit here, your breath is already beginning to deepen, and you are feeling more and more relaxed then before.”

Give them two undeniable facts. Even more if you need to get them focused, then offer a suggestion. As you develop you’re suave hypnotism with this technique, make bolder suggestions throughout the class. Bring your students into a simply beautiful state of bliss/awareness.



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  1. Hi George!
    What’s going on with you, yoga and Asia? Send me some ideas of cool places you want me to add to the review website Nico and I are working on.

    Take care,
    Sandra 🙂

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