Yoga Therapy Workshop with Omji of Paramanand

Something tickled about this workshop! I wondered what exactly this 5-day training would entail under the name of therapy. Isn’t all Yoga therapy? For any difficulty a human can experience, Yoga is there to help. Indeed, this is something Omji said in many different ways over the days. He taught various holistic practices for treating body pains and removing disease but also revealed that the truest way beyond these physical discomforts is the true realization of your Being.It felt really good to be in the student role again. I felt a little more discerning in how I assimilate new information, putting it where it fits in with my own developing approach. The workshop focused mainly on easy movements, pranayama and meditation, making it very accessible for anyone. There was a lot of strong Bhastrika breathing with fast movements to flush energy through the body and clear blockages. More than anything, I think these techniques  served as a reminder to how rich and vivid life is. They reminded me of when I first began my own Yoga practice and realized how much there was to my own body and mind that I wasn’t experiencing. When I go to bed every night now I make a practice of tuning in as close as I can to what I am experiencing. After some minutes of deep breathing I can be in the space after an exhale and experience my heartbeat as a total body experience, feel my mind shifting down gears, and even have a kinesthetic awareness of my nerves. This is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the bhastrika breath practices we learned with Omji and both are very beneficial to experience and understand.

I learned a lot from Omji’s hypnotic techniques as well.  On the first day he told us, ‘You will hear me say this word, ‘awareness’, many times over the next several days, and it will begin to transform your life.’ I also enjoyed, ‘There was effort and now there is effortlessness, and you can feel the good changes already taking place.’ Among many more.

Omji also taught about the benefits of some of the more “classical” poses of Yoga such as headstand and shoulder stand, and wind releasing pose.

The last day ended with a partner practice and a ridiculous, gut busting laughter session. I didn’t hold back and laughed until it hurt, hurt so good, that I glowed the rest of the day.


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