Nature Vacation and Upcoming Workshop

This weekend I’m leaving Bangkok for the deep south and a vacation with good friends, rock climbing, and yoga at Krabi! It’s going to be refreshing to get back in touch with the wilderness. The times that I can feel immersed in mother nature are always restorative and stimulating for my practices and philosophies. Here’s a picture of a beautiful spot in Krabi which maybe I’ll see!

I’ll be away from Jan. 29th until Feb. 7th, so my regular classes will be canceled until I’m back. On my way back from Krabi I’ll be visiting Koh Samui to give my weekend workshop at Trinity Yoga and have a good time. Take care!



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2 responses to “Nature Vacation and Upcoming Workshop

  1. Have a safe and happy trip, George! Your blog is quite a wonderful thing.

  2. Me

    I totally saw that spot and swam to it during high tide with 2 freunde! awesome!

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