The Possibilities of Form


I’m back from my week long excursion to southern Thailand! After 5 days of climbing in beautiful Krabi and the weekend workshop at Koh Samui I’m feeling charged. For those of you that attended my classes at Trinity Yoga many thanks to you. Kosta and I are already discussing my next visit in a few months coming.

For my classes in Bkk my schedule is updated with some new times!

It felt really great to get to use my muscles in different ways on the beautiful rock walls around Railay Beach. Climbing isn’t too much different than yoga. A body that is both strong and limber will have the most options for moving gracefully up the rock. It’s also no secret that you need to have fine control of your breath and focus during the crux, the hardest part of the climb.

During a conversation I had with Kosta we talked about what type of Yoga practice is appropriate during different stages of ones life. We agreed we were both mostly still Asana stage. As a yoga teacher, Asana typically takes up all the time I have for “exercise” but climbing showed me that as a young man I need something else for my body to live up to its potential. For all  practical purposes I’ve essentially maxed out my flexibility but I’ve realized that my strength has lots of possibilities left. Maybe none of this seems very “yogic” in the grand sense but being 25 years old I think exploring the possibilities of form is a big part of what I need at this stage.


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