Workshop at Mui Ne Yoga in Vietnam

Here’s the next piece of excitement. Mui Ne is located outside of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I’ve seen some pictures and the practice space looks beautiful, tucked away as it is out in the jungle.

Pretty isn’t it? Looks like a great spot to feel connected and free. I’m excited to meet the providers of this space and learn about the charity work they are also involved in. Part of the income from the workshop will be going towards their karma yoga. Here is the website for Mui Ne Yoga Den and FB page.

Of the four classes one of them will be taught by my friend Quyen. It is because of her and my friend Lee that I’ll be able to make this visit to Mui Ne to teach. Thanks so much you two.

Come learn to enjoy your perfect practice!



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One response to “Workshop at Mui Ne Yoga in Vietnam

  1. Hey George, what an awesome weekend full of connection, clarity and charms 😉 Your sharing about yoga diet always reminds me to leave the melons separate. And your subtlety in correction during our yoga practice serves as gentle reminder for me to be present, as I am more in love with my body than ever. With that elevated level of confidence, I did my first headstand unassisted. Yaay!!! Thank you for shining your light and open up the space for us to just be. Till our next shake 😉 Vehllia

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