Reaching towards the novel

Open your eyes wide and take a deep breath. Something new is rising to the surface of your experience. It breaks older and smaller concepts. The structure of your relationship with life encompasses a bigger picture and the truth of yourself emerges into greater clarity. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve experienced it your whole life becoming the person that, through our friendship or mutual interest in Yoga, is sitting here reading this now.

Yesterday at Yoga Elements I watched two senior Yoga teachers working together. One was in the position of the student.  During the half an hour that I observed they worked on only two Asana. Virasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana. It’d be normal to think that the student, having 20+ years of practicing and teaching Yoga, would have experienced all these poses have to offer. However, with genuine encouragement by speech and touch, and the repeated suggestions guiding his actions through the structure of the body, he was lead into the pose with the completely amazed look on his face of an undefinable experience and remarked, “I don’t know how to explain what just happened.” An excited smile then flashed across his face. I was immediately reminded of when I started practicing Yoga. It was a time of frequent and intensely new sensations and often unexpected revelations about life. I recall many nights in bed, before sleep, and practicing Paschimotannasana with my toes energetically spreading wide, curiously reaching towards something new yet undeniably myself.

It is the movement outward that gives relevance to who and what we are. Each experience influences the direction of our continuing growth and thus our available subsequent experiences. We are never finished with this process. We continue to grow in more refined ways as we age. Even beyond our individual bodies it is happening. We all influence each others’ attention and help steer the growth of humanity at large, indefinitely. Yoga offers models for exploring these relationships that bring the clearest insight about the nature of where it all comes from. We are only limited by our imagination. We can be thwarted only by the foolhardy belief that we have already “gone all the way”  or by developing without an sense of balance. Like a fractal, life is infinitely complex.

I am often times drawn towards the growth of trees as the perfect metaphor. The leaves and branches reach through the open air for the sunlight, the symbol of awareness, and the roots dig deep down, fusing into the ground and stability. The newest growth is at the fringe. It is the finest, the most alive, the most subtle, just on the edge of  awareness, and bringing ever greater sense of balance. The truth of our nature is even more beautifully grandiose. The world of experience is a great array of lights through which we move as a flowing cascade of consciousness generators. We realize the expansive nature of ourselves when we grow in the experiences that bring fresh insights and the enthusiasm to live.

Sincerely and always yours,


P.S.   Those two great teachers….Marc Woolford & Adrian Cox


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  1. kusuma duffy

    You’ve done a super job of putting this site together George. Well done!!!!


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