Busy with Excitement

I haven’t made much a go at blogging the last couple weeks because I’ve been rather busy completing course material for the upcoming Vikasa Yoga Teacher Training. I am writing the practice and teaching modules for our book. It’s been a revealing process, putting my knowledge and understanding into a presentation specifically for those who will become Yoga teachers. I may have actually learned more from reiterating my information, creating structural relationships, and checking some references than I did learning it originally! I’m very excited with the personal results, and also for what I will be offering to the students of this first Vikasa teacher training.

Here’s a teaser…!

Practice, practice, practice. We all know Yoga is about practice and we need to practice to get results. Or do we? Is Yoga about getting results? …Or, is it about surrendering to the divine source of your being? As is often the case, it is both. They are two perspectives of one reality. For simplicity, let’s consider these two perspectives, “attitudes”. The first, results oriented, is a masculine attitude. It wants to use tools and the knowledge it has to perfect conditions for obtaining enlightenment. It has dangers of becoming overly identified with those tools, of the body, mind, ego, and the illusory future. The second, receptive attitude, is feminine. It wants to release control so the only remaining experience is the true grandeur of being, the unfolding of existence in this moment. It also has dangers, of becoming inert, dull, and unfulfilled. These two “attitudes” are the epitome of duality. From a cursory observation they seem contradictory, impossible to compromise, but, if we can look at our lives from an external perspective momentarily, it becomes easy to blend them into harmony.

What is Infinity?
Let’s pretend that instead of being the self contained you that has a will and makes your decisions you are actually a being directed by some Universal sense of energy which always remains in a balance with the whole of creation. Typically when considering energy in this context, the concept of infinity comes to mind. In the concept of infinity, even a portion observed within it also retains an infinite nature. This can be demonstrated in simple mathematics and sacred geometry, such as Pi and the Flower of Life respectively. If we take a portion of distance or volume, we can extract infinite information by making ever smaller divisions or dimensions within it. All of these divisions will also have a traceable connection back to the original information. This is why in the entity of yourself, you can look inwards to discover the true infinite nature of Self or consciousness. It’s also why classical physicist will always find smaller fundamental particles if they can utilize enough energy for their ridiculous particle smashing machines. This same principle also radiates outwards as creation, creating infinite possibilities from an original movement. Now, looking at ourselves again from the external perspective of the Universe we can see how we are beings of freewill, feeling our own power of choice, who also fit in with the destiny of creation, which I’ll explain in a moment. It’s the reason why in our thought experiment on balance within infinity, we can see that ANY action or decision we make, of which there are an infinite potential of possibilities, is within the fundamental balance of this Universal energy.  In fact, it is the drive of this existing-ness to become ever more complex in it’s balance and thus reveal ever more subtle levels through which consciousness can become aware of itself, by it’s own process of creation, the destiny I mentioned. How involved we are in this revelation of consciousness is in part an aspect of our own wills and personal drive for evolution. Simultaneously we can experience both our own individual will and destiny, the divine exploration of being, the universe creating and experiencing itself through itself as the human being. They are one and the same. This is why when practicing with this balance in the context of our individual experience, we feel unbounded freedom and peace, oneness.
So how can we find more time to practice and feel our sincere balance and connection with oneness? Make your life your practice. Observe yourself constantly and be open to act immediately on your most intimate intuitions right in the present. Bring loving kindness and awareness to your interactions, both within and without and see how you will experience an increase in the flow of life through you. Take your practice off that mat, be active, and let all those actions be the will of the divine in the moment. There is no destination, simply to be ever more aware, ever more present, ever more loving of your creation. Practice.
Metaphoric Image:
Be as a valve opening in a pipe of water. The more open you become, the less you hold back what is designed to flow through you, the less resistance and stress you experience, the more powerful and life giving you become. It’s up to you how much you open up.

It’s somewhat on the mystical poetry side. It’s my opinion that to have any hope of understanding the nature of existence intellectually, we have to break some boundaries in the ways  we normally think.

Hope you enjoyed it!

While I’m away (April 12 – May 30ish) I will have one of my dear friends and “brothers” teaching Yogable classes in the park and several other locations. May I present to you Tommi.


Tommy has a very generous nature, full of wisdom even in casual conversation. He’s also been a dedicated Yoga practitioner for a long time, especially if you consider about 20 years of a close connection to nature through surfing. The class he taught in the park last Thursday was excellent. Grounded, therapeutic, and encouraging for us to discover our limits. Thanks Tommi! I think the students will enjoy practicing with you very much!

If you are needing to contact Tommi his number is 082 672 7633

Ok, power cut for the fire drill today!



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