Vikasa Yoga Teacher Training: In the Midst of Transformation

Our first Vikasa Yoga Teacher Training at Koh Samui, Thailand is already to it’s midpoint! We couldn’t be more pleased as everything came together with perfect timing for us to welcome 26 amazing people from all over the world as our students. Like the relaxing pace of the island life style, it’s going by smooth with teachers and students getting closer with one another. There is a great deal of respect between all of us. I’ve seen many nice relationships developing, and also amusing, or provocative interactions amongst us all. We have a crew of characters, comedians, and instigators that make things interesting. pushing the boundaries a little to help us all see more clearly what is important to each of us.

It also racing by. Two weeks already? Where did the time go? Maybe the techniques are working and just like a perfect stillness the concept of time seems vague. We are covering a lot of material however and having two practices a day. I lead morning practice and Kosta leads evening practice. In each class we give 10-15 minutes at the end for free style self practice. We also gave last Friday evening’s practice for total self practice. The teachers practiced with the students and as we did I certainly kept a pranic antennae out and felt pleased with the energy of the room. Everyone is getting more confident and better at focusing through it all. I think it is to our benefit to be able to practice regardless of the situations that arise around us. The yogi/yogini is forever peaceful within the heart of the soul.

For two weeks we’ve been working vigorously on practice, anatomy, and philosophy. Now the gear is starting to shift towards teaching as we go through our studio’s signature book of Asana and have students assisting each other during practices. Soon they will be leading portions of classes and I can’t wait to hear the “teacher’s” voices that will speak out clear and confident from the knowledge being ingrained in their bodies and minds. It might also help after we run through my manual on the principles of teaching and using the voice powers! 😀

Amongst our students we have a rather amazing photographer(actually many), R2. She is really documenting  and producing an amazing album of group sessions and everyone’s Asana. I’ve been going to the beach at Chaweng noi every morning for sunrise and many of the students are keen on coming along. After my morning pranayama and swim I join in on the Asana playground we make for R2 to shoot and of course play along. Here’s some photos and you can check out more on fb.



Time for some rambutans and evening class soon!




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