How to Water Fast with Supplements and Colonics – Day 5 of Fasting

Fasting Journal – Day 5

My water fast has been quite the interesting challenge but not without it’s high moments as well. I’ve been in solitude mostly for the last 3 days. With less stimulation my own internal experiences seem clearer, as if I can see the point from which my thoughts emerge. A lot of songs I know, some from recent times, and some I haven’t heard in years come tinkling up out of my subconscious at the most unexpected moments. Physically I’m exhausted, as to be expected. I do a little bit of swimming and stretching feebly and even managed to do a slightly wobbly headstand today. Since my digestive tract is completely empty I’ve also managed to learn how to do nauli kriya while in a sitting position. The majority of my time I’ve been napping, laying around, reading books, and using the internet to watch movies about yoga or high paced action anime like Ghost in the Shell.

Water fasting gives your body a chance to purge toxins and generally chill out. The first night’s nausea and dizziness hasn’t come back but my mouth has had a foul taste as my tongue expels heavy metals. My skin has broken out a little bit but as a whole is more uni-tone and healthy feeling. Water fasting also gives you a chance to develop a better relationship with food and eating. When I go back to eating I plan on eating the freshest, healthiest, best combinations and definitely cooking more of my own food once I leave the Vikasa organic cafe. I’ve also been thinking about the underfed and will organize some yoga charity events to get food to people who need it. That being said, the last two nights I’ve dreamt about eating. The first night it was steamed Thai green veggies the name of which I’m not sure. I was hanging them above my mouth, slowly lowering them in and savoring the flavor. And last night it was at a salad bar on a boat at sea. I was absolutely magnetized towards the eggs and nuts.  My body is definitely craving protein and fats. As long as I stay in generally the same state I’ll continue my fast. It’s only two more days and I think they could be the most beneficial as even as I’ve been writing this I’ve felt a little more uplifted and energetic.

How to Fast with Supplements and Colonics

Since before I started the fast I’ve been taking the liquid light mineral supplement that Kosta gave to me as a birthday present and he said it helped him through his last fast. It also has a detoxifying affect for the body as it is a natural electrolyte, increases cell permeability, is the strongest chelating agent(removes heavy metals) in nature, and supplies 92 different trace minerals to keep all cellular functions operating at optimum while there is no calorie intake.

The other two items, Psyllium husks and Bentonite Clay, assists with the removal of toxins. Psyllium husks are the shells of seeds from the Plantago psyllium which grows in the Middle East and India. It’s fibrous bulk absorbs a lot of water and helps to brush off stuff that is stuck in the colon. Most people doing a detox of any kind will take it 3-5 times a day, about a table spoon in a glass of water. Drink it quickly or it will bulk up into a thick mush! Because of how much water it absorbs you should drink another glass of water immediately afterwards and plenty throughout the day. Once a day I’ve also been adding in the bentonite clay. Just a teaspoon. This clay attracts and attaches to positively charged pollutants in the body. It’s also very small so it can clean deeper than the psyllium husk. Clay has many other uses like cleaning the skin as well. Check out the link for all the ways you can use it.

Now…Colonics. You can do this yourself and it’s not scary or difficult. The only thing that can be scary is what comes out. Because I’ve done some light fasts before, all the yoga practice and a mostly healthy diet, this time I don’t have too much of that stuff, but, it’s still surprising. Even after 5 days of no eating and 3 days of colonics already, there is still a bit of waste coming. Anyhow….a simple colonic kit can be used any bathroom you can hang it up above the floor. Essentially a bottle connected to a plastic tubing with a soft tip, and a stopper is all you need. Fill the bottle with water, lay down, and with a little bit of lubricant like coconut oil, slide the tip of the tubing where the sun don’t shine. Make sure it’s in at least about 1 inch. Then release the stopper and let the water, about 1 or 2 liters, fill up your colon. When it’s empty, or you feel full, take the tube out and stand up. Work to hold the water and move your body around to shake the water and loosen up any accumulated fecal matter in your colon. I like to twist quickly, pulse my abdomen, and do nauli kriya as well. Eventually you will feel “it’s time”. Take a seat. Let go. Sometimes it takes a little while for all of it. I’ve been doing this process twice in a row to get out all the stirred up toxins. Afterwards do something refreshing, like take a shower, and then go for a swim and relax. It’s also really good if you can get massage during this time. You could also give yourself a coconut oil massage. I forgot to get a brush, but skin brushing is also good to help the lymph system clear out as well.

Just two more days! Next post I’ll share how to know when to finish a fast and how to go about eating again. For those that are excited about the detoxification and regeneration a fast can provide just make sure you do it under guidance the first few times unless you are extremely healthy and tuned in with your body. And start easy with juice fasts for just a few days. You might still be surprised!



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3 responses to “How to Water Fast with Supplements and Colonics – Day 5 of Fasting

  1. joegillies

    George this is great. I was thinking of doing a fast once I returned and I was going to ask for your suggestion on a retreat. Maybe I will just find a beach for myself. So do you suggest a juice fast for the first go? What about a water fast but for a shorter duration?

    • Thanks Joe. I don’t know too many retreats actually. The Spa on Koh Samui is one of the originals and has one of the best menus I’ve ever tried for healthy and delicious fare, good for before and after the fast. You could probably learn a lot, meet some nice people etc. It’s also good to have some people around for safety.

    • when are you back anyway?

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