Sacred Geometry and Departing Koh Samui for Bangkok

Hello all! I’m back in Bangkok! I enjoyed the first day back here having fun and catching up with Si, cooking, lounging, singing, entertainment and acroyoga together… and now today I’m getting all my gears changed for new projects, catching up with Tommi, who had a rewarding time sub-ing my classes, and now getting my class schedule arranged again.

At Yoga Elements this week I will be back on for Flow 7:00AM on both Thursday and Friday mornings. Look forward to seeing you all. Be prepared for core!

Sacred Geometry

Flower of Life

Sacred geometry is something very special. Out of a very few simple relationships which can be expressed in certain simple 2-d and 3-d geometry we find structures found in all creation.

The Flower of Life, also called the Genesis pattern, is created by one simple relationship. Take a circle. Create a new circle with it’s center anywhere on the perimeter of the first. Now keep making the same size circle with it’s center at each new vertex. After you’ve made 7 circles yo have the flower of life.  That simple step, repeated ad infinitum,  reveals the design for all geometric, harmonic, and virtually all creative phenomenon of the universe. Also many of the world’s sacred symbols are generated from it by drawing straight lines connecting the vertices of these circles to create the Star of David, the Merkaba(a kind of auric prism around human beings), and metatron’s cube, which contains all five of the platonic solids.

Metatron’s Cube

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids and Representative Elements

The Platonic Solids are uniform polyhedra, the most simple 3 dimensional shapes. The tetrahedra(four sides) is the most basic, and in a geometrical logic, the first possible 3d form. When you sit in any of the classical cross legged meditation poses you most closely resemble this Platonic Solid.

Siddhasana in Tetrahedron

I am pretty nerdy about this stuff…but I get the most enjoyment from studying sacred geometry non-intellectually, through  my artistic sensibilities. Many of my mornings on Koh Samui I would happily draw the flower of life or other designs into the sand . Observing these patterns is pleasurable, and seems to inspire creativity.

The last week I spent on Koh Samui I made a painting for the owner of Vikasa Yoga, Kosta. I asked him his favorite number between 1-11 to start my idea. He chose “8”.  Eight is the first cubic number, in chinese culture represents the totality of the universe, also represents the infinite in some histories, and is the same symbol as infinity in a different orientation. I have also seen it in tarot and some numerolgy to signify financial success and I see it personally as expansion of the spiritual into the physical plane.

Manifest Spirit’s Success

It was fun. All of the background (blues and greens) I did the last day in a 5 hour speed painting session. I’ll be putting more of my art work here in the future and I am now offering sacred geometry paintings or other subjects for order.

Also, my last day I dropped off the money we raised from the charity class to the art cafe for June. She was very appreciative and had such a huge smile! Of course, so did I! Sweet as she is, she gave me a piece of raw chocolate cake. Mmm.

The day ended taking a fun walk around Fisherman’s Village’s night market and good conversations with my friends on Koh Samui long into the night.



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