Abdominal Breathing for good Yoga sleep

Everyone dreams of a good night’s sleep. You can fall asleep in such a way that your entire night’s rest is likely to be deeper and more restorative to your body and mind.

Going to bed still feeling fresh is the first step. A nice cool shower or even just washing your face and brushing your teeth is perfect. Then laying down on your back for some deep breathing to “power down” for a peaceful night.

Separate your feet and turn you palms up let your whole body become still and relaxed. Begin to breath slowly yet deeply, deeply into your abdomen allowing it to rise and fall. You can also gently engage the glottis, in your throat, for the first few minutes to create a quiet whisper sensation, usually called ujjayi by yoga teachers, that causes the heart rate to slow down and blood pressure to decrease. The sensation of your own breath and the reaction of the body and mind will guide you in tailoring the rhythm and depth of each breath’s movement…but breath out slowly until it just softly runs out to turn off your mind and put your body into a deep rest.  After just a few minutes you might feel a big difference and decide to roll onto your side or end up just falling asleep on your back.

This post inspired by Aoy, a motivational yoga teacher and health coach, and her status on FB tonight…

“บางทีเราก็เหนื่อยแบบไม่รู้ตัว ทุกคนรักษาสุขภาพนะคะ อย่าหักโหมมากไป ยังมีอะไรๆรอเราอยู่พรุ่งนี้อีกเยอะเลย!

“Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are already tired so everybody please take good care of your health. Don’t push yourself too much. So many things are still waiting for us tomorrow!”
Time for my own deep rest, good night.
George Anthony

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