Volunteering at Hub Sai Dek to Help Bangkok’s Street Children

Over the weekend my friend Machima, someone with whom I have a fun connection and easy time communicating, came in to Bangkok to have a meeting with someone about improving services at the volunteer organization, Children of the Forest. She assists with directing projects there for refugee children in Sangklaburi, Thailand. She started a link between her organization and the one in Bangkok which she visited…Hub Sai Dek, located in Hua Lamphong Train Station area, that does similar work for Bangkok’s street children. Both organizations provide food and medical services, a safe environment, and lots of activities, teachers, and role models to inspire the kids and develop their skills and passion for living a fulfilling life.

Machima is also a yoga teacher(from the same year course at Yoga Elements as me) and said she knew someone high energy enough and who might be willing to come and teach the kids Yoga…and she didn’t mean David Swenson(as cool as that would be). So, you know, the next day I was down at the Hub, meeting with one of the coordinators, Oo, meeting the kids(and later break dancing with them),  watching the magician that was performing that afternoon, and making arrangement to come teach the kids Yoga.

The Hub is looking for all kinds of teachers and volunteers to help with their good karma-yoga work. I’ll be teaching just twice a week there starting soon and look forward to seeing how I can adapt yoga practices to these kids so they can find a new way to appreciate their bodies, and with some partner exercises, each other with team work and trust. If you’re in Bangkok area and also want to offer your services please check out their website and contact them.


George Anthony


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