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ประโยชน์โยคะไทย – Benefits of Yoga Thai Style

โยคะมีประโยชน์เยอะจนบอกไม่ถุก…     Yoga has so many benefits I can’t even say! …แต่จอร์จพยายาม….                                …But, I will try….


๑  อวัยวะทำงานได้ดีๆ                                Your organs work really well

๒  เพิ่มปัญญาการใช้บังคับของเส้นประสาท    Use  nerve force more intelligently

๓  ลมหายใจได้ง่าย                                     Easy breathing

๔  ความสุขอื่นๆ เป็นตัวเอง                       Feel really good being yourself

๕  รู้สึกเชื่อมต่อกับชีวิต                               Feel connected with life

๖  ลดน้ำหนัก                                                 Lose weight

๗  ชีวิตยาวก็สุขภาพดีเลย                         Live long and healthy! 555

excerpt from my practice today outside MBK

เพลิดเพลินนะครับ     Hope you enjoyed!


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Sivananda & Vinyasa Yoga Workshop at Bangkok Yoga

Sunday, the 23rd of January, I’ll be conducting a special in-depth class on the practice of Vinyasa at Bangkok Yoga. Vinyasa is practicing Asana that connect in a flowing movement with each breath. We see this type of practice most commonly in the Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar. The class will start with refining the sun salutation practice, using proper breathing technique, alignment, drishtis and bandhas to develop greater internal awareness and purification . From there, we will apply these principles to more advanced movements and also discover the internal vinyasa of energy, or prana, that moves through the body during static postures.  Then we’ll play with a few rhythmic games to have some fun!

My class starts in the afternoon, around 1PM, but call the studio if you’re interested in attending as the time seems unset and you may need to reserve a space. If you’re keen on learning about Sivananda Yoga check out the morning workshop as well! Kru Nuu is quite a famous teacher in Thailand and I’ll be attending to satisfy my curiousity! Here is my translation of the description in Thai for her workshop.

“Practice techniques that create good shape for the body by the correct postures (Asana).  Breathing and relaxing in line with the Sivananda style.”

…a link to the FB page for this workshop

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Possible Synchronicity?

It was some minutes after looking at these words today in my Thai language class that I realized…a synchronicity? A synchronicity is the experience of two events which are seemingly causally unrelated, happening in a meaningful yet unlikely manner.

So, after my subconscious made some connections I thought of my first two blog posts last night. I like the idea of theme-ing my blog to be about making the impossible(impossibility itself being an impossible “non-occuring” idea… whoa there’s a paradox I got swirled in for a moment), possible. I’ll also like posting about whatever I want, with the undercurrent of unfolding new possibilities. Just like life, eh?

“Bangkon payaayaam tam sing tee konun kidwa benbaimaidai nai bangkrang chai ru mai”

“Some people try to do things that other people think are impossible sometimes, right?”

Right. And sometimes they succeed. (which I learned is a really long word in Thai today)

This experience is also a synchronicity because of the talk about the word “try” in my circles lately. This word implies subconsciously that you might fail. As a yoga teacher I (   ) to avoid the word. Describing the different movements as easy or natural creates a better state of mind for students and inspires my own creativity to actually find the descriptions and movements that really do make poses easy. Or, sometimes I say, “Just do it!” SWOOOSHHH

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การเรียนรู้ภาษาไทย – Learning Thai Language

I’ve been living in Thailand for two years already and I’ve been steadily learning how to understand Thai language. It’s fun, and frustrating at times… but I’m on the optimistic side so I’ll insist that it’s easy if you keep practicing! Last month I enrolled in my first language classes and progress is good so far. I’ll be using Yogable from time to time to practice my thai keyboarding skills!

The ภาษาไทย word สามารถ (sáa mâat) means able adj.

Thai language has five tones. I’m not sure if I’ll accurately be able to type tones in Roman characters but for now in sáa mâat the first syllable is a rising tone and the second is falling. The five tones, recited in order are; mid, low, falling, high, rising.


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