I’m looking for feedback about your experiences in my classes or trainings to see how it relates to my own experience teaching, and to see constant reminders of what is important to students of life and yoga. If you had any kind of revelation, saw some personal symbol of your life, or encountered a transformational sensation, please share it here. We have great gifts for each other.

“We were placed in two lines, opposite one another, holding hands, and toes touching, looking into the other person’s eyes for about a minute or so, just observing without talking. What I learned from the experience was that eyes are indeed the window into your soul.  George has an ease about him few people have, he is graceful, accepting and happy-go-lucky and his eyes show exactly that.  As I gazed at George, I acknowledged him and his presence, I softened up my demeanor and instead of ‘fight or flight’ I felt something like a content feeling of being able to hold space with this person.  I felt connected to him and standing in close proximity to him, toes touching, made me want to get to know him more as a person, I no longer felt the fear of being so close to another person and relaxed my face and my gaze to allow him to see into my soul.”
– Alex Litvak, Koh Samui, Teacher Trainee @ Vikasa TT1 vikasayoga.wordpress.com
“I am also grateful to the Universe to send you our way. You were a great teacher and arrived at exactly the right time. Thanks for the acroyoga lesson again.”
– Melinda Pollo, Koh Samui, AcroYoga Lesson e-mail Re: Acro photos!
“I have to give george a shout out for his constant words of wisdom and encouragement. There is truly a tribe of individuals ensuring we leave this training with as much knowledge and growth as possible and George is at the top of that list.
– Edin Carpenter, Koh Samui, Teacher Trainee Vikasa TT1 shesonabender.blogspot.com

One response to “Experiences

  1. kusuma duffy

    Thank you George – for adding a depth to my practice that I’ve been searching for but have not quite found until now. I feel my soul becoming a little lighter and more free each time i come to your class. It feels like coming home 😉

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